Every Stage of Child development Requires Expert Support, especially for children with special needs…

Special designed children furniture Suitable for Children's Brain Development

The world you create for children at home starts with their rooms. They play, sleep and study in their rooms. The children of the modern age are staying indoors in front of a screen way more. This can be detrimental to the development of the human brain at such a young age. This is because a child’s brain develops the fastest through healthy physical and motor activities, as well as problem solving through outside stimuli. This is where our children’s furniture comes in; by encouraging physical movement, we can support the child’s perceptual, emotional and cognitive development.

One of the essential issues we base our ideas on is a strong brain-body connection. A lack of brain-body connection causes emotional outbursts and tantrums; It can cause problems such as eating and sleeping difficulties. We prioritise ensuring a strong brain-body connection in all furniture designs we create; a well-developed body awareness is required in all processes such as perception, emotion and emotion control. In all modern psychotherapy methods, it is crucial to establish a connection with the body first. With Casalia Design in children’s rooms, you can quickly provide these development elements in the comfort of your own home.

Special Room Designs Supporting Special Development

A design for a child with special needs should cater directly to that child and what they need. When determining the needs of such children, it is necessary to consider their room and the developmental elements they need. In our design process, we combine our expertise with the knowledge and guidance of our child therapist specialist to incorporate their needs into our design. When we design for a child, with or without special needs, we focus on their sensory, emotional, cognitive and perceptual development first. They need to be in an environment that stimulates this growth.

Children with special needs need to connect with their bodies and have a healthy environment that encourages physical movement. Providing this opportunity in the home environment becomes more critical for children with special needs. With our deep know-how on this issue, we stand by the families of children with special needs.

Commercial Furniture Designs (schools, therapy clinics etc.)

Children must be supported in terms of development, not only in their rooms but wherever they live, study and play frequently. For this reason, it is a precious thing for areas such as parks, playgrounds, kindergartens and schools to support their development. For this, we stand by your side with our uniquely designed furniture in different areas.

We promise a place that will make playtime more attractive to your children, and provide an alternative to the technology they might have become dependent on. In order to achieve this, we first design playgrounds that will enable them to connect with their bodies.

All of our furniture products for children support the developmental stages of the brain; physical, perceptual, emotional and motor. It is possible that with the completion of the development of academic intelligence, the human brain develops the fastest during physical movement. Therefore, the movement areas given to children should support their development beyond that academic intelligence

Health and Safety

While we consider the personality, sensory profile, and dynamics of the family in children’s spaces, we also prioritize the safety of the materials used and the selection of paints and materials suitable for the children’s health.

We make sure that all of the furniture products we use are certified to be safe. Health and safety are our red line, as are parents.


We are working with Sensory integration therapist and physical therapist experts!

Our lead consultant expert Ebru is an expert therapist who works with children and parents and as an educator. She has extensive international experience gained through education and clinical work. She is the founder of Duyusal Akademi Istanbul and Fit & Smart Kids London.

Through both of those clinics, she helps children and their families tackle and solve problems they face while they are growing. She also supports children and families throughout the social and psychological adaptation period when setting up a new home in a new country.

Ebru has graduated from Turkey/Istanbul and US/California, owns 6 child therapy clinics, wrote 4 books, and has almost 20 years of clinic experience. Ebru is proud to be a catalyst in the development of children’s behaviour and happiness. That is not only improving family life but also has a positive effect on the broader community. For further information check @therapist.mom

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